7-a-side Futsul Pitch Singapore


Complete Guide To 7-a-Side Futsal Pitch Singapore

Futsal is a sport played widely across the globe and the popularity is increasing. Originally, Futsal was played with 5 players in each team. Now there are options to pick 6 or even 7 players per team. If you are looking to experience the craze of futsal in Singapore, here is everything that you need to know.

Pros And Cons Of 7-A-Side Futsal & 7 A Side Futsal Pitch Singapore

There are definitely some good things about 7-a-side futsal as compare to 5. Here are a few pros and cons on playing 7-a-side futsal.


  1. More space to run! More variety to the difference types of passing one can execute in bigger sided games.
  2. More variety in the team formations. Midfielders can help with the defense when required. At the same time attacking forward, midfielders can contribute as well.
  3. Well, as the saying goes, the more the merrier! Team bonding and spirit will definitelybe higher with a larger group of players


  1. Too much space to cover, you lack pace or stamina, then a smaller sided 5 aside game would suit you more!
  2. Game is slower, not as fast as a 5 aside game. So if you are looking to improve your game gradually, it will be good to start from 5aside games!

7 aside futsal pitches Singapore are in great demand. Simply because with more players included, there is much more excitement included in the game. Also, this category helps the players perform to their maximum capabilities as they can experience playing different roles in the team.

Indoor Soccer Pitch To Play 7-A-Side Futsal

Futsal can be played both at an indoor soccer pitch as well as an outdoor one. When it comes to 7aside futsal, having an indoor soccer pitch can be significantly beneficial. Here’s why:

  • Indoor soccer is an incredible method to get in additional preparation during the off-season.
  • There are numerous advantages of indoor soccer, the clearest being atmosphere control. Shield you from the energy sapping sun rays!
  • Indoor soccer is a lot quicker paced game. Since the ball is ceaselessly in play, with just a couple of breaks, there are more possibilities for quick plays.
  • Indoor soccer will likewise enable players to concentrate more. This is due to the confined space. Confined space leads to much more intense group defense and offense. This is on the grounds that there are 6-8 players on the field at any given moment. Transitioning turns into a significant part of playing effective indoor soccer. As the set number of players on the field are low there is much more work to be done.

The Best Place For Futsal Singapore

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