Futsal Pitch Booking Singapore


Everything You Need To Know About Futsal Pitch Bookings

Futsal isn't a game that many people are aware of. If you are one of them, here is everything that you need to know about this popular sport. To put it in the easiest way, futsal is basically football with a significant twist. The rules such as the free kicks, penalties, and offside rule vary from what they are meant to be in football. These uncommon factors that exist in the game make the sport exciting.

How to go about futsal pitch booking Singapore?

In case you are interested in booking futsal online, you could do so by going to West Coast Pitch. There are options of 6-a-side or 7-a-side game. Select the number of players you want per team and then choose the preferred date. There are multiple plans and promos on the website for you to get the best futsal experience in Singapore. One can also call or WhatsApp them via the website.

More details about futsal and futsal court booking Singapore

  1. Futsal Ball: The ball used in futsal is about 62 - 64 cm in circumference. However, the ball is loaded up with foam instead of air in conventional football. This is because of the hard surface of an ordinary football would bob high on a hard pitch.
  2. Duration: Futsal is played in two parts which are each of twenty minutes. Between the halves there is a break of 15 minutes.
  3. Free kicks: A free kick must be taken from where the foul takes place. It must be taken under four seconds or a free kick is given to the next group.
  4. Futsal Shoes: The futsal studs are regularly made of soles, which are rubber. This helps the players to play without any issue on the surface.
  5. Futsal Pitch: Many people think that the futsal pitch is similar in size to the basketball pitch. The standard measurement is 420 square meters (28m X 15m) for a basketball pitch. Contrary a futsal pitch is a lot greater 800 square meters (40m X 20 m). This makes it practically twofold the size.
  6. Officials: In futsal, there is a requirement for three referees for every game.Two out of the three referees officiate the match. One on each side, one speaks with the timekeeper at whatever point required. One official is on the timekeeper’s table that monitors both groups’ seats.

Futsal court booking is a way to save yourself the hustle of running around last minute. You could have the best futsal facilities in Singapore. You can get discounts and plans to make sure you enjoy the sport under your budget. The prominent advantage of booking online is being able to simultaneously compare the best courts and facilities they offer.

The best futsal experience in Singapore

If you are planning a competitive game or for a fun experience, go for futsal booking Singapore online. You can the book the slots that you are looking for and have an unparalleled experience at West Coast Pitch.